Pivot Point – Winter 2021
Indeed, we lean into our faith in God during challenging, liminal times! As we look back and acknowledge the difficulties of 2021, we celebrate the blessings of our Sabbatical Year of Replenishment. We also look forward to a new year as we pivot on the theme Rebuild.

Sabbatical 2 – Crossroads
Standing in the crossroads of Pastor Diana’s return and Pastor Susan’s embarking on sabbatical, this issue looks to lessons we’ve learned and how we will continue to move ahead toward replenishment.

Sabbatical 1 – Replenish
The pastors will both be taking a sabbatical season to find growth and rest, to replenish their spirits and calling. The church, too, is on a journey to renewed faith and replenished hope.

2020 – Fall
Reaching the Summit: The journey to the summit has strengthened this congregation through faith and hope.

2020 – Summer
Our Guide: Florence Christian Church provided guidance through the pandemic for many who experienced isolation and food insecurity.

2020 – Winter
Broken Hearted: Read stories of life changing struggle from individuals in our community

2019 – Issue 3 – Form Faith Every Day
We form faith every day. Our desire is to walk alongside people in their journey of faith at every age and life stage. We offer practices and approaches that help people form faith every day, everywhere and with everyone.

2019 – Issue 2 – Serve Boldly
We serve boldly. We will assist people in serving out of their giftedness in ways that are meaningful to them and make a difference for others. We offer settings for people to discover and develop their God-given talents.

2019 – Issue 1 – Welcome
We welcome radically. We strive to extend Christian hospitality to all people in all settings. Our desire is to turn strangers into friends and for people to experience God’s abundant love, grace and acceptance.