Worship at Florence Christian Church invites all people to experience a sense of belonging and connection with God and with others. In worship, we praise and honor God; lift up Jesus’s grace, love, and mercy; and learn what the Holy Spirit may be teaching us in this season of life. Worship creates a foundation for growing in our faith and for understanding how our spiritual gifts, hearts’ desires, and God’s will intersect and compel bold service, allowing us to become Jesus’s hands and feet. In this holy, sacred environment of worship, we express our gratitude by encouraging and caring for each other and for people throughout the world.

Welcome, Guest! First time worshipping with us? Please check our our Welcome Page and complete a short survey. We have a special gift for you.

Join the Facebook conversation. Welcome to this virtual worship service experience. Pray aloud with us, sing along, join in the worship as you are able.

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If there is ever an interruption in the live stream please be patient.  You may try to access the contect on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Offering & Communion

The service will include offering and communion. Please partake communion at home using items you have around your house. You are invited to support the ministries of Florence Christian Church by donating online or text your donation amount to (859) 755-4040. You can even set up a recurring donation to continually support us.

Worshiping with Children

Invite children into this experience! A Children’s Worship Leader will be telling a story during the service. Pause the feed to reply to the wondering questions aloud or to have conversation during worship.