Think for just a moment how important food is during the holidays.  We greet our family and friends with fresh cooked meals. We share gifts of cookies and candies.  We enjoy traditions of preparing special recipes passed down for generations.  Food is central to our holiday celebrations.

Now imagine what you might be feeling today if you didn’t know how you would feed your family on Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Imagine how families that have visited our Care & Share Pantry, received food at the Free and Fresh Food Distributions, Food Aid to Arcadia Park and Turkey Supper last year are hoping to receive a generous abundance from us again this year.  Folks have learned to depend upon God’s provision through the generosity of this congregation.

This chart is a dramatic illustration of how the Free and Fresh Food distribution has grown.  This data doesn’t include 2021 holiday months.


A $10 donation to the Feeding the Multitude ministries
can purchase 65 boxes of cereal!

Feeding the Multitudes Ministries will provide several opportunities for guests to receive food for the holidays this year. 

Food Aid.  This monthly food delivery to Arcadia Park is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Turkey Supper. Modeled after last year, a prepare-at-home Thanksgiving Meal will be delivered directly to the homes of Arcadia Park Apartment residents on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Nov. 24.  

Free and Fresh Food Distributions are scheduled for 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, Nov. 9 and 23, at 2:30 PM.  We plan on serving 200 families the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Care & Share Pantry is stocked and emptied twice a day.  With temperatures getting colder, our unhoused neighbors become more vulnerable. 

Action Ministries, Freestore Foodbank and Master Provisions are the local food banks that support these ministries. Volunteers also shop at local groceries.

You can testify to God’s rich abundance in your life by supporting the Feeding the Multitudes Ministry at Florence Christian Church. 

Donate money specifically to Turkey Supper using the specially marked envelopes in the bulletin or online by selecting Turkey Supper from the drop down menu. Your donations will be used to buy food for this special event. 

Donate money to generally support the Feeding the Multitudes Ministries by noting it on the memo line of your check or online by selecting Feeding the Multitudes from the drop down menu. 

Bring in shelf-stable food to help build the Mountain of Food in the Narthex.  The menu for the Turkey Supper is canned corn, canned green beans, box of instant potatoes, jar of gravy, boxed stuffing, canned cranberry sauce.  You can contribute these specific items or bring in any items you choose.  All donations will be used to meet the needs of food insecure families in our community.




Thank you AquiSense Technologies for collecting food for The Mountain of Holiday Food event. AquiSense Technologies is the global leader in UV-C LED systems design and manufacture that solves real world problems in water, air, and surface disinfection applications.