The Discover Zone is a fun place to be, learn and grow and well…

DISCOVER just how much fun the world can be!

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality care for our kids, and strive to create an atmosphere where they can thrive and flourish in a value-based environment. The Discover Zone staff is experienced and educated in early childhood development, and stand ready and waiting to provide all the nurturing and love that your child, and every child, deserves.

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Program Overview

Play is the natural medium for young children to learn, grow and develop. Play affords children opportunities to explore, discover, attempt varying roles, relate to others and exercise creativity. (Simlansky, 1990) Play is children’s work!

It is important that children have the opportunity to explore the world around them in a safe, nurturing environment. Opportunities are provided for just such exploration, through play, as a part of the daily program. Programming includes infants (6 weeks – 12 months), toddlers (12 months – 36 months), preschoolers (3 year olds), pre-kindergarteners (4 – 5 year olds) and school-agers (5 – 12 year olds). The type and level of activities will be developmentally appropriate for the children in each classroom.

We use the Creative Curriculum, study-based approach for preschool and, Creative Curriculum theme-based approach for our infant and toddler
classrooms. Children have the opportunity to thoroughly explore various science, math, language, literacy, and motor skills embedded within our
studies and themes. The schedules and lesson plans are based on the developmental stages of the children in each classroom and include some or all of the following components: large motor activities, both indoor and out; fine motor activities, with manipulatives in the pre-math area and with a variety of table toys, puzzles and art materials; sensory play in water and sand tables; discovery
and exploratory activities in the science and social science areas; language development in the book corner and writing area; social skills in the dramatic play, construction and game areas; music and movement activities, and Bible learning activities. The children participate in a variety of small and large group activities designed around a thematic or study-based, integrated curriculum.

Safety & Security

Discover Zone and Florence Christian Church are equipped with a Kantec Security System which ensures your child’s safety and allows all points of access to be locked while your child is in our program. Upon enrollment each family is given a pin code which allows them entrance into the facility.

Our Staff

Child care teachers are hired based on experience, education and orientation to caring for children. Every staff member is required to pass a national fingerprint background check, child abuse and neglect background check, and TB test. All teaching staff are required to take a minimum of 15 hours of early childhood training annually. In addition, Discover Zone requires all staff to attain certification in Infant/Child First Aid and CPR as well as pediatric head Trauma, and 6-hour orientation. Staff also participate in training on curriculum, Conscious Discipline, developmentally appropriate practices, and family engagement.