What are adult faith groups?

Adult faith groups are groups of six to twelve Christians that help us with our faith formation. Faith formation is the process of Christian enlightenment and growth, with the goal of deepening contact with Jesus Christ and each other through educational and enrichment opportunities. Designed to touch the intellect as well as the heart, these opportunities help people live and experience a more Christ-centered life while building intimate relationships with fellow Christians.

How will adult faith groups help me?

Florence Christian Church is our family, a large, sweeping family where we know some folks very well, and others not so well. With such a large group, it is difficult to build very close relationships with everyone.  Adult faith group members are the friends we become closely associated with, ones we can share our celebrations and our struggles with. In them, we can be assured of equal treatment and confidentiality, no matter how long we have walked with our Lord Jesus Christ. If Florence Christian Church faith partners are our extended family, then our adult faith group partners are our nuclear family.

What are adult faith group meetings?

Adult faith groups meet with other Christians to discuss various faith-based issues, teachings, or questions based on the Bible, a Christian book, a sermon series, or current topics of interest. The meetings are NOT just a lecture or video presentation; the meetings allow for fellowship, shared stories, and discussions based on open-ended questions. The groups are organized according to geographic locations, specific ministries, dates, etc.